Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform helps businesses analyze, act, and automate with a low-code development approach. Low code technologies help business users produce their apps and virtual agents without the need for IT teams. Microsoft's Power Platform consists of Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. You can build, customize, and extend all the apps you need with the Microsoft Power Platform. Supported by a common data model with data securely stored in Microsoft Data Verse, the Power Platform unifies business data and connects it to thousands of data sources. Agilitz can help you guide and grow by developing solutions built on and optimizing for the Power Platform. We help your organization quickly innovate and increase scale using tools within the Power Platform.

Obtain Agile Enterprise-Wide Digital Transformation with Microsoft Data Verse

If you've ever had to bring data from multiple systems and applications together, you know what an expensive and time-consuming task it can be. Without sharing and understanding data easily, each application or data integration project requires a custom implementation adding cost, time, and complexity.
Microsoft Data Verse simplifies this process by providing a shared data language for business applications to use. The metadata system of Data Verse makes it possible for data and its meanings to be shared across applications and solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Power BI, and Azure. It can take structured and unstructured data from legacy, operational, marketing, and third-party online sources.

Helping You Unlock the Potential of Your Enterprise Applications

Microsoft Data Verse provides a single metadata definition that can be customized, making it easier to build reports, create new apps, and connect business entities like marketing, sales, finance, operations, and commerce. You can then make better informed and faster decisions across the enterprise with a shared understanding of your data without redefining it every time.

Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Power BI, and Azure support storing data in conformance with Data Verse, unifying data usage across every critical workflow. Thousands of independent software vendors (ISV's) and their partners use Data Verse for their solutions. They build services and offerings based on Data Verse schemes to ensure their application-agnostic data platform solution is truly transformative.

The Flexibility of Customizing to Your Needs

You can easily adapt and extend the Data Verse schema using the same metadata system to describe entities, relationships, and semantic meaning. You can use the standard open-source definitions alongside your customized schema to meet your organizational needs. For instance, organizations from diverse industries like healthcare are working closely with Microsoft to extend Data Verse to their specific organizational concepts, such as patient and care plans.

They can extend the benefit of Data Verse standard entities to these verticals so that industry solutions can interoperate more seamlessly. Contact Agilitz to learn more and talk to our consultants about how your business can use the Power Platform to advance its digital transformation.