Dynamics365 crm

Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft's cloud-based data-driven solution, can help unlock new avenues of growth for your organisation. There are no upfront expenditures and no hardware, just real-time insights into your business performance at any time. Agilitz can help you accelerate your sales by implementing Dynamics 365 CRM that can help you manage your customer relationships and sales processes.

Dynamics 365 CRM solutions that help your business:

Dynamics365 crm

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service has great functionalities that help you exceed customer expectations across all sales channels. Below are the key capabilities of customer service:

1. Self-Service Options that activate virtual agents for modern self service solutions, direct access to knowledge base and share it through community portals.
2. Enhance Customer Engagement through 360 degree view of customer, anticipation of customer needs and automatically assign requests to the best suited agent
3. Enhance Agent Effectiveness through faster responses, multitasking, cross-team collaboration, customer feedback management and knowledge search experience
4. Optimise Service Operations through detailed support insights, real-time customer sentiments, monitor KPIs and improved agent behaviour through knowledge search insights
5. Proactive Service with IOT through enhanced support with integrated IOT alerts, regular monitoring of device health index and proactively fixing issues
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Dynamics365 crm

Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales helps you accelerate revenue through collaboration and insights. Below are the key capabilities of customer service:

1. Gain New Customers Through Teamwork - this is achieved through hybrid selling, bringing your experts and staying productive from anywhere.
2. Accelerate Revenue with AI by replacing intuition with insights, taking actions seamlessly, notification about deal risks and improving account relationships.
3. Predict And Manage Pipelines through gaining visibility of sales cycle, identifying strengths and weaknesses and staying focused on what matters most.
4. Improve Customer Conversation Through Real-Time Coaching through guided selling with insights, onboarding new sellers and easily implementing best practices through a single collaboration platform.

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Dynamics365 crm

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Dynamics 365 Field Service helps you deliver exceptional customer experiences through following key capabilities:

1. Tailor Customer Engagements through better engaging with customers, providing post-engagement surveys and offering self-service scheduling.
2. Elevate Employee Effectiveness by giving technicians in-context help, resolving cases faster through remote collaboration, streamlining tasks through mobile optimized experience, enabling technicians in the field and enhancing technicians productivity.
3. Optimise Service Operations through dispatching right technicians, managing resource assignments, automating scheduling and optimizing service and resources.
4. Deliver Proactive Service by avoiding service calls, getting a 360 degree of customer assets and managing asset history.
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Dynamics365 crm

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Dynamics 365 customer insights help you turn digital interactions into interactive experiences with behavioral insights and transforming customer data into actionable insights. Here are some of the key features:

1. Optimise Customer Journeys and Understand Customer Behaviour through increased conversions, prioritizing high converting customers, web and mobile app analytics and tailoring analytics for your own business.
2. Hyper-Personalised Experiences through analysis of customer behaviour, targeting right audience and connecting funnel insights to results
3. Built-in Security, Compliance and Privacy through GDPR and CCPA compliance and exceed industry standards
4. Connect Data for Deep Audience insights through creating single and richer view of customer, turning digital interactions into interactive experiences and capturing customer sentiments.
5. Predicting Customer Needs and Driving Meaningful actions using AI and analytics by maximizing retention, next best actions, segmentation, maximizing business performance and empowering marketing, sales and service teams during every interaction.
6. Personalised B2B Experiences helps in short sales cycles, increased lead accuracy and quality and much more

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Dynamics365 crm

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing helps you engage with the customers one to one, at scale to build meaningful relationships and grow your business. Key capabilities include:

1. Engaging in Real-time through customer journeys, customer led experiences and delivering seamless experiences across digital and physical channels.
2. Earning Loyalty through increased engagements, targeting right audience and nurturing leads and accounts
3. Personalise Customer Experiences with AI through easily creating engaging content with AI, improving marketing effectiveness and acting on 360 degree understanding of the customer

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We provide strategic advice and technology solutions covering all facets from implementation, migration, upgrade to support. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can bring your business and customers together and be ready for the future with intelligent business applications.