Operational Efficiency

Competing in today's tech-powered business landscape demands a new holistic approach to the workplace, one that focuses on growth and gaining a competitive edge. We specialise in implementing management solutions for enterprises that drive sustainable value through automation. We achieve this by combining technology, operations, culture, and employee experience using a comprehensive approach focused on cost efficiency, productivity, and growth. This holistic framework is more important than ever right now.

maximise productivity

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM solutions help you maximise productivity by standardising your business processes, seamless integration with external systems, and leveraging the power of data and analytics for improved decision making. Our solutions coupled with a strong team of experienced consultants have made a significant difference for our customers by helping them increase their sales, improve the experience they offer to customers, and achieve cost efficiencies.

Microsoft Dynamics streamlines your finance and operational functions and sustain standard business processes central to success, growth, and expanding operations globally. Unify and automate business processes, strategic impact and cost reduction, decreasing financial complexity and risk are some of the many areas where Agilitz can help.

Business Process Evaluation

Agilitz will conduct short interviews with key business stakeholders to understand the current state and identify business challenges and opportunities for improvement. We will also observe end-users to understand the user experience with recommendations on achieving process improvements within the standard solution.

Agilitz offers complete integrated business intelligence tools and a single Enterprise Information Model that enables user self-service and ensures consistent, accurate information by allowing you to model once and deploy everywhere. It connects people with information in an easy-to-use way for better decision making.

Architectural Landscape and Integration Strategy

In almost all Digital Transformation projects, there is an element of integration required. Therefore, businesses should have an integration platform strategy. They should have a clear scope for how applications will communicate effectively, providing a common mechanism for enabling consistency of master data throughout the application landscape.

We provide a modern and productive development environment for building, maintaining, and extending enterprise applications. Our services are equally suitable for market leaders and small and medium-sized enterprises that want to reduce expenses and hold a strong advantage over the competition by using the right technology most effectively and efficiently.

Data and Analytics

Data underpins good business decision-making, and a robust reporting strategy is a key element of any solution implementation. The reporting strategy defines the tools and techniques we will use to collect and analyse data to drive good decisions. This strategy will ensure that the best approaches to reporting is utilised for specific reporting requirements, be they operational or analytical.

We can solve your business challenges by transforming complex data into actionable insights. By systematically turning data into valuable insights, you get to drive significant improvements across your operations, customer and employee relationships and ensure profits. Our focus on clients satisfaction through local and global consulting is a testament to our business value-driven approach to data and analytics.

Lower TCO

With input from the customer, the potential financial benefit for each improvement opportunity is estimated, enabling an ROI to be calculated and TCO model. Our strategic roadmaping will ensure you achieve every strategic goal in the near term and long run.

A strategic roadmap from Agilitz is a concrete deliverable, a dynamic plan of action to share with your teams and stakeholders. We provide a guidebook to help you get the most from your technology implementation while achieving long-term business goals through a phased approach for deploying change in your organisation.

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