Center of Excellence

Successful businesses actively work towards improving their business applications by optimizing operations. They want extendable and flexible application development platforms allowing them to market faster. Setting up a Center of Excellence (CoE) allows organizations to achieve growth and empower citizen developers to maintain governance, development, and security best practices. Without a Center of Excellence (CoE), your business can experience data inconsistency, unintended data exposure, and duplicate efforts that waste the organization's money and time. A Centre of Excellence helps in removing organizational and geographic development silos for knowledge sharing, driving efficiencies, and adopting best practices throughout the organization.

Why Your Organization Needs a Center of Excellence?

Setting up a Center of Excellence (CoE) is worth investing in as it nurtures your organization's organic growth while maintaining compliance and standard processes. Here are few things you should consider when creating a Center of Excellence (CoE):

Environment Strategy
We establish separate environments for testing, production, and development. Trial subscriptions are used to avoid committing to a subscription model.

We help you track the usage and performance of workflows and applications created in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions.

We ensure compliance and control through data policy management on how your solutions are accessing data.

When building a Center of Excellence (CoE), the organization must establish the systems and tools for consistent and smooth internal development aligned with Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions.

Community and Onboarding
As the use and adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions grow, the Center of Excellence must implement a strategy for onboarding new developers and share and collaborate best practices by creating a community.

This strategy includes a roadmap for creating a hub for onboarding new Microsoft 365 users and leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform. We help you create a knowledge base of practices and templates. You can give your team encouragement to reuse and share common assets. A Center of Excellence (CoE) helps you achieve better security and governance in your organization.

How We Will Build a Center of Excellence that Delivers

At Agilitz, we have helped numerous clients create a Center of Excellence that supports their Microsoft Dynamics solutions involving everything from maintenance, governance, setup/configuration, and assessment. Our experienced industry professionals have the skills for developing multiple applications in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. We also provide complete training to help you understand how to use these tools.

We can leverage the Power Apps Components Framework to create code components that provide an enhanced user experience. We are fully equipped and can help you through this entire process, supporting you to design your organization's Center of Excellence (CoE). We will develop essential data architecture parts through a cost-effective and fast approach that offers you time-to-value.

Our Center of Excellence services include the following:

  • Training and implementation
  • Audit and change control
  • Admin analytics
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policy management and compliance
  • Security and compliance
  • Processes for efficient development practices and standards
  • Documentation and mapping
  • Requirements collection and validation
  • Information governance

We can help you achieve extensive adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, better governance and security, and better returns on investment (ROI) through digital transformation and business automation with our Center of Excellence implementation service. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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