Agilitz Technologies has been working closely with market-ready startups and enterprises to empower their business operations through our exceptional accelerators. As a strategic partner for organizations, we focus on the development and execution of go-to-market strategies. Our goal is to help businesses mature into enterprise-ready companies by scaling all aspects of their business operations.

Amazon Connector

With our Amazon connector, you can connect your Amazon marketplace to your Dynamics 365 ERP system and automate your Amazon sales quickly and easily. The Amazon connector is designed to help you control Amazon marketplaces from Microsoft Dynamics 365.

As an Amazon seller, you may be spending most of your time in cost calculation, compliance with Amazon regulations, and daily product and customer management. You can ease your Amazon Marketplace Business by using your cloud-based ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365's standard functions and processes for operations and finance.

The best part is that we have the solution you need to speed up and automate your Amazon activities with our seamlessly integrated Amazon ERP solution.

Image Uploader Solution

With our image uploader addon, manage your product images with manual and automated uploads. Leverage the Image Uploaderfor multiple files upload for products and variants. The main features of the utility are:

  • Upload bulk images for products
  • Support for Global Product masters or released products
  • Support for Product and Variants
  • Support for upload through External Item Id
  • Support for Manual and Scheduled Upload process
  • Support for synchronous or background process in manual import
  • Support for scheduled import from Azure File Share or Azure Blob
  • Support for backup / archive to Azure File Share or Azure Blob

The utility installs as an add-on to Dynamics ERP and is fully aligned to the new Extensibility pattern.

Productivity Enhancement Tool

We help you empower your employees to drive business goals. Modern technologies have transformed all aspects of the business to the point where agile businesses are digitizing their business operations and processes to drive digital transformation in the workplace.
While it is important to drive the Digital journey, it also makes sense to leverage existing investments while upgrading your Dynamics ERP system. Out set of productivity tools helps you upgrade easily while preserving your investments. Out set of tools are uniquely placed to help you have shorter time to market, leverage your investments and be ready for the new digital space. This helps you leverage best of both worlds with less investment and shorter time to market.

Integration Tools

Agilitz Technologies is the proud creator of integrated, smart, and configurable software tools for web services and business platforms, such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM. We have developed no-code software solutions for small to mid-market organizations and allowed our clients to find business systems for their specific business needs.

Our integration tools allow you to easily configure record creation within its destination applications from any data source. You can leverage Microsoft Dynamics CRM and transform the integration process into an easy to use end-user toolset from a developer experience. Other expensive and complex tools on the market can only do a fraction of what our integration tools can achieve.

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