our FLEXI approach

Agilitz is a new age company that not only understands customer's business challenges but also has created methodologies that work faster and are flexible. We call it our own FLEXI approach to implementation of Dynamics 365 business solutions. Our approach is well proven and tested and work well for customers who are ready for transformation in this digital era. Our FLEXI approach has been designed to produce results at each stage demonstrating the value we bring to our customers.

FLEXI approach has been built on core fundamentals of:

Staying Focussed On Customer Priorities
Our process for implementing Business Applications (ERP or CRM) is based on detailed understanding of not just the AS - IS processes but also future roadmap. Our consultants gather deep understanding of your business processes and identify areas of improvement. This is where we add value through demonstration of results as we go along and adding value at each stage.

Understanding of key priorities defines the roadmap for delivery and therefore the skills required at each stage. Our iterative approach ensures demonstrable results in short period of time and delivering tangible benefits.

Leveraging Learnings From Similar Projects
Successful ERP and CRM implementations is dependent on experience of the consultants from similar industry. We built our own knowledge base based on past experience and have built several productivity enhancement tools that accelerate implementations.

The productivity enhancement tools and knowledge base is critical for delivery to succeed. Our architects and industry experts have formulated templates for standard product implementations ensuring your base functions are deployed quickly.

Incremental Execution that Delivers Results
In the digital era, quick results and flexibility is very important. Our FLEXI approach has been built to adapt this need of enterprises. The approach focuses on delivering business benefits starting from initiation stage of planning through to execution and deployment.

Continuous releases during implementation helps you use new functionality as being introduced. This help us stay focused on your objectives and priorities while providing continuous show and tell sessions and solution validation as we progress on the execution at each stage.

X-tend Beyond Boundaries
Dynamics 365 ERP is a platform that helps you scale as your business grows. Our FLEXI approach for implementation ensures adding continuous value as your business grows. This may include your partners, suppliers and customers.

This phase of the project helps you enrich your solution through continuous improvements. The scalability of the solution coupled with our managed support services ensures complete control of the solution for all users and stakeholders.

360 degree Involvement
Our strong team of functional and technical experts remain continuously involved during the course of the implementation and during support. They work with your team to build the roadmap for the future based on your business plan and growth.
Following the implementation, we provide the required hypercare support before transitioning it to the support team.

Our FLEXI approach has been designed to meet the needs for enterprises to be flexible and dynamic in this digital era. We fully understand that enterprises go through continuous changes and this why we have adopted this approach to address this need.