Product Engineering

A. Migrate Your Product / Solution

Migrate Your Product / Solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform

B. Develop New Products

Develop New Products & Solutions on the Dynamics 365 Platform

dedicated product engineering team

Agilitz has a dedicated product engineering team that focuses on Consulting, Design & Architecture, Development, Testing and Support for solutions on Dynamics 365 platform. Our team uses cutting-edge tools to develop products. We have a methodology for product engineering that is rigorous and helps decrease ownership costs and reduce post-deployment defects.

Our product engineering services include:

  • Product co-development
  • Product upgrade / migrate to Dynamics 365
  • Add-ons or extensions development
  • Product support

Benefits Dynamics 365 platform offers:

  • High scalability and Cloud enabled
  • Platform based architecture
  • Localisation
  • Highly secure and compliant
  • Multi-channel capabilities
  • Real-time analytics

Agilitz works with ISV partners in flexible engagement models

1. Build Your Own Team:
One of the most popular model wherein we collaborate with you to build your own team of multi-skilled resources that are required for the engagement. These consultants are fully dedicated to you and report to your project or product managers wherein they can also get involved selecting these consultants

2. Fixed Price / T&M model:
This model works well when the scope of work is limited to a specific project. In fixed price model, the customer is billed based on milestones of the project while T&M is based on monthly billing based on timesheets.