How Immersive Commerce Helps Retailers combat high return rates?

How Immersive Commerce Helps Retailers combat high return rates?

One of the trends that has emerged with Retailers and brands is Immersive Commerce and several leading retailers have either adopted the technology or are experimenting with it.

Immersive commerce enhances shopping experience by integrating both the physical and virtual worlds using Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and mixed reality. This helps customers in better visualisation of products and how it is likely to fit in their needs whether it is for fashion, home or anything else.

Other than improving the customer experience alone, Immersive commerce can also help in driving cost efficiencies. One of the key challenge for retailers being managing the high rates of returns. The demand for interactive online experience grew significantly during the pandemic. This also meant that rates of returns also grew considerably. The trend is likely to further grow over the next few years resulting in loses for the retailers where margins are continuously shrinking.

Immersive commerce can be a great solution for retailers facing the challenges of costly returns. Whether you are buying a dress or a home furniture, the virtual rooms shall help in visualising how the product will look and fit.

Investments in these technologies shall continue to grow over the next few years as more retailers adopt. There are some challenges that needs to be addressed like 3D rendering of products, real-time analytics to change the interface and then breaking it to actionable insights.

Immersive commerce shall also help retailers remain ahead of competition as it can offer additional avenues to engage with the customer.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 commerce can help you create immersive shopping experiences and help you address the challenges of high return rates by adding AR, VR and mixed reality capabilities to digital storefronts.

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