How Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Solution Helps in Improved Visibility?

How Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Solution Helps in Improved Visibility?

Gain Real-Time Visibility into Your Operations and Performance with Intelligence to Move from Reactive to Proactive Operations with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Solution!

The Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management ERP Solution is powered by AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) to help you connect and streamline multiple segments of the supply chain like strategy, planning, warehouse, transportation, production, and inventory.

It allows you to build connected processes with an intelligent supply chain to improve profitability, product quality, and your supply chain management visibility. The graphic visualizations and embedded analytics help convert data into actions, helping meet consumer demands and improving planning. Organizations can enhance product quality while maximizing their profitability and operational efficiency.

The Benefits of Real-Time Operational Visibility and Intelligence

The supply chain is like a massive puzzle with different pieces that must come together for everything to flow smoothly. Now, imagine trying to put the pieces of a complex puzzle together but while your eyes are closed. Some people may even complete puzzles relying only on touch, but it will be more time-consuming and significantly harder.

When you can't see what's happening in every supply chain segment, you will be operating inefficiently and slowly. Conversely, if your eyes are open, you will manage to finish the puzzle accurately and faster since you can see all the pieces. That's precisely what the Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Solution from Microsoft enables distribution and manufacturing organizations to do.

The Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Solution provides real-time intelligence and operational visibility to help businesses move their operations from reactive to proactive. From asset management, vendor management, inbound and outbound logistics, and more, having end-to-end visibility for the supply chain gives you the complete image of your organization's growth opportunities and strengths.

Gain Insight into Vendor Management

Integrated data can provide you with visibility into your organization's demand, capabilities, and vendor pricing. You will have all the data at your fingertips for making informed decisions when collaborating with multiple vendors. The interface from Microsoft displays data related to consignment stock, purchase orders, and invoices.

When you have partnered with a vendor, your operations will work like clockwork as they can view current information on the status of purchase orders and respond to all orders that haven't been approved. The best part is that you won't have any budget concerns, as your spending limits can be designed to customize purchase policies, which won't allow you to calculate the requisition spending.

All actions and tasks will be recorded and used for performance evaluations of vendors and future audits. Having access to procurement process data allows you to have complete visibility and control when managing vendors and contracts while monitoring performance for on-time delivery.

Real-Time Visibility for Warehousing and Inbound Logistics

Making informed decisions that have an indirect and direct impact on shipment accuracy and delivery time has never been easier with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Solution's real-time visibility for warehousing and inbound logistics. From procurement to warehousing to transportation staff and production scheduling managers, you will have full visibility of the data.

That allows you to see all the routing and vendor solutions for your inbound solutions, like the most affordable shipment rate or the fastest route. You can calculate tasks like the total mileage for any route or the transportation rate of carriers with the transportation management engine.

End-to-End Visibility for Manufacturing

When you have end-to-end visibility for all warehouse operations, it helps you efficiently manage the consumption, movement, and capacity of your organization's finished goods and raw materials. You can decrease fulfillment times and increase capacity through intelligent automation for accelerated pick-pack-ship activities, put-away activities, and storage across distribution centers and stock rooms.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Solution offers incomparable visibility for asset management in all the hierarchies, lifecycles, and locations of your assets. When asset data work together, it becomes easier to calculate where and when to deploy different assets to increase their lifespan and effectiveness.

It's useful for asset maintenance since you can predict and plan maintenance based on recommendations from the manufacturer, saving your company time and money. You can support multiple maintenance types, which include:

1. Preventative Maintenance
2. Condition Maintenance
3. Corrective Maintenance
4. Predictive Maintenance
Your employees and staff aren't classed as assets, but they are critical to your organization. You can create plans for key parameters like how crucial the work order is and worker availability and capacity.

Improvement in Outbound Logistics and Finished Goods

Your inbound logistics efficiencies aren't worth anything if their fulfillment processes are slow or ineffective. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Solution lets you control outbound logistics with synchronized information for sales, purchase, and logistics management. You can have all the data for accelerating your fulfillments and deliveries by breaking down data silos.

An organization requires granular real-time information that integrates with shipping, sales, and production to improve outbound logistics accuracy and efficiency. The integrated visibility allows you to predict what and when to replenish. You have precise data about inventory on-hand and the capacity constraints across your warehouses and sites.

Final Word

If your data streams and systems don't communicate and don't work together, all that visibility isn't going to do you any good. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Solution offers you centralized data from operations, service, sales, and finance, so you have an accurate picture of your organization. With unified data available to you from across the supply chain, you can make informed decisions.

When you have end-to-end supply chain visibility, you can streamline your critical business operations and optimize your results. If you want to implement Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management ERP Solutions, Agilitz Technology can help. We a specialist solutions and services company that helps businesses overcome their challenges by improving operational efficiency and customer experience through full-stack product offerings from Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM suites.

If you aspire to future-proof, maximize, and transform your business digitally, talk to our consultants and learn more about how Dynamics 365 Supply Chain ERP Solution helps improve visibility. Request a consultation today!